How to Play

Spectrum is a simple game where guessing your friend's opinions is key, but it also has a few elements of strategy and interesting decisions.

(Psst...for a super easy version of the game, scroll down to Chill Mode at the bottom on the page.)

Ready to get real? The Setup

Place the components on the table, then each player draws 3 Prompt cards and 3 Spectrum cards. 

Spectrum is played over the course of 3 phases.

 Phase 1: The Prompter  

On your turn, you'll select a Prompt Card from your hand and an Opinion Token that matches how you feel about the Prompt, and place it face-down alongside the prompt.

You'll also play a Spectrum Card that you think best captures the opinions of the other players. The Spectrum Card shows where you think most players will stand on the spectrum ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Once you've placed your cards and token, the other players place their pawns on the survey card that matches their opinion. If a majority of players stand on spaces that match those on your Spectrum card you keep the card and score its points.

Phase 2: The Group

Now, the group gets to guess where you stand! As a team, they will work together to figure out where you would fall on the spectrum (you don't get to talk). Then they will then place your pawn (pink in the graphic) on the corresponding card. Each player who agrees with the group's guess takes a +1/-1 token.

When they're done, flip your Opinion tile over.  If it matches where the players placed your pawn, they keep their +1 point tokens, if it doesn't, they flip their tokens over to the -1 point side. 

Phase 3: End of Turn

Draw back up to 6 cards, taking 1 card from each deck, and pass the Opinion Tokens to the player to your left. They are now the Prompter and the turn begins again! The first player to 10 points wins! 

Spectrum Cards

There are a range of Spectrum cards in the deck. Those that have less highlighted areas score more points. In the example below the 5-point card requires a majority of the group to Strongly Agree with your prompt...  choose wisely!

Special Cards

There are 3 types of Special Cards in Spectrum: Boost, Bump, and Echo Chamber.  As the Prompter you can use these cards to manipulate players' pawns, or to score extra points based on your Spectrum Card! You play Special cards at the same time you play your Spectrum card. If you think a particular player is sure to have a specific opinion use a Boost to score an extra point! If you think everyone will feel the same about the prompt, use Echo Chamber to score an extra 2 points! And if you are uncertain where a person will stand, use Bump, so you can give their pawn a nudge into your Spectrum if they are just outside!

Chill Mode

For a super simple and fast version of the game, only play Phase 2! Players have a hand of 5 Prompt cards and don’t draw any Spectrum cards. Points are scored by betting on the group guess of the Prompter’s opinion. After each player has read 3 Prompts, the game ends. The player with the most +1 tokens wins the game.